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DevelopersAlex Mods | Hey Mods | Sam Mods
Android5.1 or above
PurposeWhatsApp’s extra features
Root RequirementNo

Get the latest GBWhatsApp 2024 at for a few extra tricks up your WhatsApp messaging sleeve!

GBWhatsApp Download New Version 2024: Anti-Ban

For longtime users, facing occasional and frustrating one-hour bans due to unintentional use of certain features in GB WhatsApp that violate WhatsApp’s policies, such as sending bulk messages, has been an ongoing issue. However, with the latest version of GBWhatsApp – V17.85, by teams HeyMods | AlexMods | SamMods, there’s good news: you no longer need to worry about these issues, as they have been resolved in the latest update.

What is GBWhatsApp Mod?

Offering enhanced privacy, fortified security, and unique features like status downloads and 1 GB video sharing, GBWhatsApp surpasses expectations set by the original WhatsApp.  

Amidst the latest WhatsApp updates prioritizing core features and security, the quest for innovation persists. GB WhatsApp 2024, an advanced version, bridges this gap as the optimal choice.

Something Improved in the Latest GBWhatsApp Update 2024

The developers of GBWhatsApp consistently introduce new features and address issues with each application update. Here are some of the recently notable enhancements brought by GB WhatsApp new version 2024:

More anti-ban protection to protect your account from temporary bans.

Addition of Ghost mode for hiding last seen status, view status, and blue ticks.

Ability to view View-Once messages and images as many times as you like.

Stealthy viewing of stories and statuses without detection.

Expanded collection of themes and styles for personalized customization.

Message editing functionality for sent messages.

Capability to send media files of any size.

Follow the new changelogs firsthand in future updates:

Guide on APK GBWhatsApp Download and Installation

  • Step1. If you’re transitioning from the standard WhatsApp, you’ll need to back up your conversations first. Navigate to “Settings > Chats > Backup” to create a backup
  • Step2. Next, enable the “Unknown sources” option by accessing “Settings > Security”. Note that the precise location of these settings may vary based on your device’s Android version or Operating System configuration.
  • Step3. Download GBWhatsApp APK from this page to get the newest version. Once downloaded, locate the APK file in your “Downloads” folder or a similar directory.
  • Step4. Open the APK file and select “Install”

Once the installation is successful, proceed to verify your phone number to sign in. You’ll receive a prompt asking if you want to restore the backup. Simply click on “Restore”, and your WhatsApp data will be seamlessly restored within WhatsApp GB.

Troubleshooting About WhatsApp GB APKDownload

My GBWhatsApp APK Installation Failed:

If you’re seeing messages like “The app was not installed” or “The application could not be installed” while trying to install WhatsApp GB APK, a couple of things could be going on. First off, check if you’ve given permission to download apps from unknown sources in your phone settings. Also, make sure your phone has enough space to handle the installation.

And if everything seems okay on those fronts, you need to uninstall the original WhatsApp. 

My WhatsApp Number Blocked:

1.Back up your GBWhatsApp data.
2.Remove the older version and clear its data.
3.Install the newest version.
4.Complete the login and verification process via SMS.

GBWhatsApp Not Working:

GBWhatsApp app may not work smoothly on all Android devices or OS versions due to compatibility issues.

Random crash Update your GBWhatsApp to the latest version

GBWhatsApp Mod APK vs. Normal WhatsApp

Uncover the reasons behind the increasing popularity of GB WhatsApp and unleash a whole new realm of messaging opportunities. Make an informed decision by exploring the unique advantages and features of GB WhatsApp, ensuring that your messaging experience perfectly aligns with your preferences. Step into the exciting world of GB WhatsApp and embrace a messaging experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

DifferencesGBWhatsApp ModStandard WhatsApp 
AvailabilityThird-party providersGoogle Play and other similar official app stores
Fonts, colors, themes, iconsWide range to choose2 Themes; No text fonts; Default Icon
Size of FilesUnlimited100MB
Video in One Go1GB16MB
Quality of Media ContentHDCompressed
Anti View-Once
Download Status
Hide “typing”/“recording”
“Do Not Disturb” Mode
Hide View Status
Hide Blue Ticks
Bulk Messages
View Deleted Messages/Status
Auto Reply
Timer for Messages

Now that you’ve seen all the cool features GBWhatsApp Download 2024 brings to the table, it’s clear it’s the way to go if you’re ready to step up from the basic features of the regular app.

Yet, it’s essential to note that certain functions are only accessible when both parties have GB WhatsApp APK installed. So, don’t forget to spread the word and share the APK with your friends so they can join in on the fun too!

Special Settings in GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version

Special Privacy Tools:

DND Mode ensures uninterrupted gaming or online activities by blocking GBWhatsApp notifications.

Ghost Mode freezes your last seen status, hides blue ticks, and allows you to view statuses discreetly without alerting others.

Disable your “Online” status, preventing others from seeing when you’re active.

Hide typing indicators to protect your activity from being noticed further. 

The “Anti-delete” option can prevent others from deleting messages sent to you.

Enjoy an additional layer of chatting protection with app locks, including fingerprint, PIN, or pattern authentication.

Improvements in Message Management:

Direct Message/Call: Send messages or make calls to numbers not stored in your contacts list.

Auto reply: Set automated responses to incoming messages, ensuring prompt communication even when you’re unavailable.

Bulk messages: Send messages simultaneously to up to 1024 contacts.

Schedule Messages: Plan and send messages at specified times.

Tailored Interface Design:Feel free to personalize your GBWhatsApp experience by decorating its interface and adjusting the color scheme to your preferences. You can customize the launcher icon, tab layouts, chat bubbles, tick styles, fonts, and themes. By the way, there are over 4000 themes offered, ensuring a look that’s uniquely yours!

Expanded Sharing from Quality to Quantity:

With WhatsApp GB APK downloaded, you can send images and videos in high quality, ensuring that shared multimedia content retains its original clarity and resolution. Additionally, you can freely share various types of files, audio, and content without encountering limitations on size. Furthermore, the GB version enables you to share up to 100 images in one go, streamlining the process of sharing multiple images simultaneously.

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