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GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp

Explore GB WhatsApp latest version for advanced features and seamless messaging experience.

Bomb a Text

Add Caller ID

Freeze Last Seen

Hide Online Status

Support Auto-Reply

Run Multiple Accounts

Multiple Vibrant Themes

Shake to Meet New Friends

Latest version: V17.85 Official website:

GB WhatsApp Download Latest Version

GB WhatsApp Download APK Official – June 2024 New Update (AntiBan) Latest Version

2024 GB WhatsApp latest version has been officially released, bringing a range of exciting features for users to enjoy. As the software continues to gain global popularity, the dedicated team behind GB WhatsApp remains committed to enhancing the user experience based on valuable feedback. Recognizing the diverse languages spoken by people worldwide, we are pleased to offer the software in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility for users from different regions. Below, you will find a convenient table with download links for each language version, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Download GB WhatsApp now and discover the innovative features that have captivated users around the globe.

GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version: Experience Enhanced Messaging with Latest Version

The table below provides essential details about GB WhatsApp, including the latest version, file size, compatibility, and download links for different languages. Select the version that best fits your requirements and securely download it from our reliable website. Embrace the chance to enhance your messaging experience and seize the opportunity without delay. Upgrade to GB WhatsApp and enjoy seamless communication with friends and family.

App NameGB WhatsApp
File Size55.7 MB
Last updatedOne Day Ago
Compatibility5.0 and up
Language SupportMultiple Languages Available

About GB WhatsApp App

GB WhatsApp stands as a powerful alternative to conventional WhatsApp, offering users a host of additional features and customization options. As a renowned third-party modification of regular WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp has gained immense popularity among millions of users worldwide. GB WhatsApp offers a multitude of benefits, including advanced privacy settings, heightened chat control, and an array of captivating features. Whether you’re seeking advanced privacy measures, increased customization options, or simply a more enjoyable and stylish messaging experience, GBWhatsApp has it all. Experience messaging like never before with GBWhatsApp, the ultimate chat program that elevates your communication to new heights.

GB WhatsApp Download APK: Hear What Users Love About GB WhatsApp

As an enthusiastic user of GB WhatsApp, I can wholeheartedly attest to its transformative impact on my messaging experience. The advanced customization options, seamless file sharing, and enhanced privacy features have made GB WhatsApp my go-to messaging app. I love how I can personalize my chat interface with unique themes and hide my online status when needed. The ability to send large files and enjoy additional functionalities like scheduling messages has been a game-changer for me. GB WhatsApp has truly elevated my messaging game, and I highly recommend downloading it to unlock a world of possibilities. Become part of the thriving community of delighted users and unlock the full potential of GB WhatsApp firsthand.

About GB WhatsApp Developers

GB WhatsApp is an enhanced messaging app initially crafted by the experienced developer HeyMods. GB WhatsApp isn’t just a single Android app; it’s a collection of two fantastic WAMods created by two distinct developer communities: Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods and Fouad Mods, doubling the enjoyment.

Below, you’ll find details about all two WAMods, their prominent features, and the GB WhatsApp latest version changelogs, each developed by a dedicated R&D team. Select your next messaging platform from the competitors presented below.

Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods

HeyMods is a renowned developer in the WAMods realm, famous for creating a range of unique WAMods. They’ve developed GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and GB WhatsApp Pro, among others. Currently, HeyMods is no longer releasing updates for WAMods, and the responsibility has transitioned to the capable hands of the AlexMods R&D team.

The latest GB WhatsApp version from Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods retains the same servers as WhatsApp, but with added privacy features and customizable user interfaces, making it a favored choice among users.

NameGB WhatsApp APK
DeveloperAlexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods
Updated1 Day Ago
Requirements for Android5.0 or above

GB WhatsApp V17.85 Changelog

Fixed: Version Expired On Some Devices
Fixed: App Not Installed As Package Appears To Be Invalid.
Improved: Anti-Ban Protection


GB WhatsApp by Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods is the ultimate choice for most WAMods users due to its convenience. However, some enthusiasts may prefer a touch of convenience for the more innovative features and fresh aesthetics. That’s where FouadMods’ version of GB WhatsApp comes into play! This particular GB WhatsApp version closely aligns with the core functionalities of the original WhatsApp but takes a more avant-garde approach, offering advanced privacy options with over 20 hidden features. If you desire a straightforward app interface coupled with robust security and privacy safeguards, FouadMods is unquestionably your top pick.

Updated1 Day Ago

GB WhatsApp V10.06 Changelog

Added the ability to show profile pictures again in groups.
Updated the code to hide blue ticks.
Improved the feature to allow unlimited views for View Once media.
Fixed the issue of blue ticks appearing randomly when privacy is enabled.
Resolved the problem of deleted View Once media.
Made miscellaneous changes, including the removal of “audio” from custom downloads due to conflicts with voice notes and general bug fixes.

Exploring the Superiority: GB WhatsApp vs. Conventional WhatsApp

Uncover the reasons behind the increasing popularity of GB WhatsApp and unleash a whole new realm of messaging opportunities. Make an informed decision by exploring the unique advantages and features of GB WhatsApp, ensuring that your messaging experience perfectly aligns with your preferences. Step into the exciting world of GB WhatsApp and embrace a messaging experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

FeaturesGB WhatsApp 2024Official WhatsApp
Enhancing Privacy & Security
Hide Typing…
Save View Once Media
Hide Double Ticks
Anti-Revoke Message
Know Who Blocked You
Streamlining Automation Features
Scheduled Messages
Auto Media Download
Auto Chat Backup
Auto Reply
Mass Message Sender
Elevating Status Functionality
Enabled Instagram Stories
Status Downloader
Post Voice Status
Anti-Delete Status
View Others’ Status Anonymously
Efficient Chat Management
Group Management
Group Admin Indicator
Message Search
Message Forwarding Options
Archive Chats
Breaking Media File Size Barriers
Broadcasting Messages1024 Contacts256 Contacts
GIF Duration Conversion30 Seconds6 Seconds
Image Batch LimitMaximum 100Only 30
Maximum Forwarding Capacity25010
Video & Audio File Size1G16 MB
Maximum Video Status Duration5 Minutes30 Seconds
Character Limit for Status255 Characters50 Characters
Limit for Sharing Images or Videos90 at once30 at once
Unleashing Customization Options
Font Styles
Notification Settings
Sticker Packs
iOS Emoji
Transparent Theme
Chat Bubble Styles
Icon Packs
Chat Wallpaper

GB WhatsApp App Download: Exploring Features and Functionality

This powerful messaging app offers a wide range of functionalities that can be categorized into various areas. From enhanced privacy and customization options to convenient messaging tools, GBWhatsApp has it all. Explore the categories below to uncover the diverse features that make GB WhatsApp a standout choice for users seeking a unique messaging experience.

Privacy and Security

End-to-End Encrypted Protocol

End-to-End Encrypted Protocol

Ensures that your messages and calls are securely encrypted, protecting your conversations.

Who can call me?

Who can call me?

Gives you control over who can call you on GB WhatsApp, providing an additional layer of privacy.

Always Online

Always Online

Keeps your online status active even when the app is in the background, allowing you to stay connected.

No Need to Save Numbers

No Need to Save Numbers

Allows you to directly message contacts without saving their numbers, ensuring privacy in WhatsAppGB.

Hide view status

Hide view status

Allows you to hide your view status when watching others’ status updates, giving you more control over your privacy.

Lock a Particular Profile

Lock a Particular Profile

Provides the ability to lock specific profiles with a password or fingerprint, enhancing privacy in GB WhatsApp new version.

Customization and Personalization

Convenient Dark Mode

Immerse yourself in the captivating dark color scheme of GB WhatsApp, providing enhanced visibility in dimly lit environments and alleviating eye strain.

Endless Themes and Colors

Offers a wide range of themes and colour options to customize the appearance of your GBWhatsApp.

Colour customization

Allows you to personalize the colour scheme of various elements within the app to suit your preferences.

Font style modification

Provides the option to change the font style in chat conversations, giving a unique look to your messages.

Emoji variant

Indulge in a diverse collection of emojis offered by GB WhatsApp, enabling you to express your emotions and style in a multitude of ways.

Ticks style

Take control of your messaging experience with GB WhatsApp, offering you the flexibility to customize the appearance of message delivery and read receipts according to your preferences.

Notification icon

Allows you to customize the app’s notification icon to easily identify GB WhatsApp notifications.

Bubbles style

Provides different styles for chat bubbles, allowing you to personalize the visual presentation of your conversations.

Conversation background colour

Offers the ability to change the background colour of chat conversations, enhancing visual appeal.

Launcher icons

Unleash your creativity with a range of launcher icons available in GB WhatsApp, allowing you to personalize the app’s appearance on your device’s home screen.

Enhanced Messaging Experience

Chat contact pic

Allows you to set individual profile pictures for different contacts or groups.

Participant pic

Provides the option to set a specific picture for group participants.

Download Status Videos

Enables you to download and save status videos from other users’ profiles.

Direct Contact Link

Allows you to create a direct link to your GB WhatsApp profile for easy sharing and contact initiation.

Handy Chat Backup

Provides the ability to back up your chats, ensuring that your conversations are securely stored in GB WhatsApp APK updated version.

Upload Long Status

Unleash your creativity with GB WhatsApp’s extended status update feature, allowing you to share longer and more expressive updates with your contacts.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts

Experience the convenience of managing both your personal and professional profiles on the same device with GB WhatsApp, as it allows you to use two separate WhatsApp accounts seamlessly.

In-Chat Translator

Break the language barrier with GB WhatsApp’s in-chat translation feature, empowering you to communicate effortlessly with users who speak different languages.

Scheduling Messages

Take control of your messaging schedule with GB WhatsApp’s message scheduling feature. Now you can effortlessly schedule messages to be sent at a specific time, ensuring important reminders and greetings reach your contacts right on time.

About 2024 GB WhatsApp Latest Version V10.06

Yesterday, the Fouad Mods team released the long-awaited GB WhatsApp V10.06, which shines like a brilliant star in the night sky. This update primarily focuses on addressing the “Version Expired” issue and enhancing Anti-Ban Protection Mechanisms. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the changes introduced in this release.

Exclusive Features:

  • Many Fixes And Improvements
  • Improved Anti-Ban Protection

Click here to download GB WhatsApp V10.06

View more…

Discover 2024 GB WhatsApp Latest Version: Download for Enhanced Messaging Experience

Enhanced Messaging Experience

  • Send docs, media, and audio files up to 1GMB+ in size, allowing for seamless sharing of large files.
  • Fixed issues with the view once downloaded and mark as open options, ensuring reliable viewing of temporary messages.
  • Enhance contact management with GB WhatsApp’s fixed online status display and resolved archived chat visibility in groups.
  • Improved rounded entry style recording and home tab underline colour, enhancing the visual appeal of the interface.
  • Fixed text font style in edit image, enabling better customization options for text in images by GB WhatsApp download.
Enhanced Messaging Experience

Additional Features and Improvements

  • Introducing the new “Msg a number” UI design for a modern and intuitive messaging experience.
  • Enhanced viewing experience with added options to hide save and mark seen buttons on the status page.
  • Included the ability to load custom fonts, giving users the freedom to customize their text styles.
  • Added an option to hide the status cutter FAB (floating action button), providing a clutter-free interface.
  • Introduced GB Backup for automatic daily backups, ensuring data protection and peace of mind.
  • Enabled the keep messages option in disappearing mode, allowing users to retain their messages for a longer duration. Enhanced anti-ban protection with MAX anti-ban features, providing a secure and uninterrupted messaging experience.
Additional Features and Improvements

Stability and Performance Enhancements

  • Fixed crashes in the message scheduler and resolved issues with the app not opening on some phones.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the community, ensuring a stable user experience in GB WhatsApp new version.
  • Addressed auto reply/forward crash and resolved WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues, improving overall stability in WhatsAppGB.
  • Fixed many custom text status icons, enhancing the appearance of personalized text statuses.
  • Enabled the ability to edit messages and configure proxy settings, offering more control over messaging and network preferences.
Stability and Performance Enhancements

Guide to GB WhatsApp Free Download

Unlock the full potential of GB WhatsApp without spending a penny! We are delighted to offer a GB WhatsApp free download exclusively on our official website. It is quite easy to start GB WhatsApp new version download process. Here below is the detailed download guide

  • Step 1. Visit our official website and prepare to embark on an extraordinary messaging experience.
  • Step 2. Hit on the GB WhatsApp link to download GB WhatsApp APK, and watch as GB WhatsApp weaves its magic into your device.
  • Step 3. Allow your device to install the app (enable the Unknown source in Settings), breaking free from the limitations of conventional messaging.
  • Step 4. Open GB WhatsApp and set your stage. Personalize your GB WhatsApp with themes, colours, and fonts that reflect your unique style and personality.

GB WhatsApp Update: Keep It Up to Date & Enjoy Latest Features

To ensure you always have the most current and feature-rich version of GB WhatsApp, it’s important to regularly update GB WhatsApp. Follow these simple steps to update GB WhatsApp and unlock a world of exciting new features

  • Step 1. Backup Your Data: Before updating GB WhatsApp, it’s essential to back up your chat history and media files. This will ensure that your conversations and important data are safe during the update process.
  • Step 2. Uninstall the Old Version: Next, uninstall the existing version in your device. Don’t worry, your data is already backed up, so you can enjoy zero data loss.
  • Step 3. Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version: Visit the GB WhatsApp official website to download latest version.
  • Step 4. Install the New Version: Once the WhatsApp GB APK download is finished, navigate the downloaded APK file on your phone and hit on it to start the installing process. Follow the This will ensure a seamless transition to the updated version.instructions to install the GB WhatsApp new version.
  • Step 5. Restore Your Data: After installing the new version, open GB WhatsApp and follow the prompts to restore your chat history and media files from the backup you created earlier. This will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the updated version.

GB WhatsApp Download App: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! GB WhatsApp prioritizes user safety and privacy, implementing robust security measures to ensure a secure messaging experience.

Yes, you can use GBWhatsApp alongside the traditional WhatsApp, allowing you to enjoy the enhanced features of GB WhatsApp without compromising your existing WhatsApp usage.

GB WhatsApp offers a range of advantages, including advanced customization options, extended privacy settings, and exciting features not available in original WhatsApp. It empowers you to personalize your messaging experience and enjoy additional functionalities.

To download and install GB WhatsApp, simply visit our official website, locate the GB WhatsApp link to download, and follow the provided instructions. Within a few easy steps, you’ll have WhatsAppGB up and running on your device.

Using GB WhatsApp does not pose a risk of being banned. The app prioritizes security and privacy features to ensure a secure messaging experience for users. To download GB WhatsApp safely and access its features, we strongly recommend downloading it from the official website. By downloading from the official source, you can ensure that you are getting the authentic GB WhatsApp latest version, free from any potential security risks.

To transfer chat history, first, create a backup of your chats in the conventinal WhatsApp. Uninstall the official app, install GB WhatsApp, and during the setup process, choose the option to restore your chat history. Your conversations will seamlessly transfer to WhatsAppGB.

Yes! GB WhatsApp prioritizes your privacy by offering enhanced privacy features. With the ability to hide your online status, disable read receipts, and customize privacy settings, you have full control over your personal information and messaging privacy. Rest assured that your privacy is our top priority.

GBWhatsApp currently supports the use of one device per phone number. However, you can easily switch between devices by transferring your account from one device to another without losing any data.

We strive to continuously improve WhatsApp GB APK by regularly releasing updates. Our dedicated team works diligently to address bugs, introduce new features, and ensure a seamless experience for our users.

GB WhatsApp aims to provide a feature-rich messaging experience without significant restrictions. However, it’s essential to comply with the app’s terms of use and adhere to WhatsApp’s guidelines to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for all users.


In this comprehensive article, we’ve explored the exciting world of GB WhatsApp, the ultimate messaging app that takes your communication experience to new heights. From downloading GB WhatsApp latest version for enhanced messaging to discovering the superiority of GB WhatsApp over conventional options, we’ve covered it all. With features like advanced customization, improved privacy settings, and seamless media sharing, it offers a unique and delightful messaging experience. We’ve also provided a detailed guide for free download and highlighted the importance of keeping your app up to date for enjoying the latest features. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your messaging experience – download GB WhatsApp now and join millions of satisfied users worldwide. Immerse yourself in a transformative messaging experience and discover limitless possibilities with GB WhatsApp.

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  1. Hello, My GBWhatsapp is not sending messages, and I’ve got stable internet access. Please do you know what could be the cause of this issue, and what’s the solution?”

  2. Hello, My GBWhatsapp is not sending messages, and I’ve got stable internet access. Please do you know what could be the cause of this issue, and what’s the solution?

  3. After an upgrade on my g WhatsApp, it has been so difficult using this app and to make the situation worse, my account was banned….. I guess this was a mistake sort of, could you please fix this problem. Thanks in anticipation for your response

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